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Complete dental implant treatment can cost upwards of $5,000. We provide generous specials that go beyond the typical senior discount for dental implants. People of ALL ages require implants - and our team is here to make everyone's experience comfortable and manageable. Your dental implant treatment will include the implant, abutment, and crown. Take advantage of our $1,200 discount and restore your smile for only $3,800!
For uninsured new patients only. Offer must be requested at the time the appointment is scheduled.

Are you suffering the pain and embarrassment of tooth loss? A dental implant can give you back your natural, healthy smile! If you're ready to explore a permanent solution to painful tooth loss, schedule a 100% FREE dental implant consultation with Dr. Narkhede today.
Includes a limited exam and x-ray. Up to a $450 value.
For uninsured new patients only. Offer must be requested at the time the appointment is scheduled.

Older couple enjoying time together knowing that the dentures they got from Pankaj Narkhede fit perfectly and allow them to live stress free.Dental Implants In Lake Forest, CA

At Pankaj Narkhede, DDS, we use cutting-edge tools and techniques to restore the function and look of your smile! If you are suffering from tooth loss, dental implants specialist, Dr. Narkhede, can provide you with the best dental implants for your unique smile. Our advanced tooth replacement procedures yield permanent results and can be performed from start-to-finish at our Lake Forest dental office!

Are You A Good Candidate For Dental Implants?

Whether you are missing one tooth or you are need of a full mouth teeth transplant, dental implants are likely a great solution! If you’ve lost a tooth (or teeth) due to an injury or damaging tooth decay, tooth implants can improve the health and look of your smile.

Of course, reasons for tooth replacement vary from person to person, but ultra-durable and long-lasting dental implants serve as the most comfortable and permanent solution for most patients.

Dr. Narkhede was the President and a speaker of the 1st international meeting on oral implantology meeting held in India.

Dental implants offer a variety of benefits! They are:

Designed To Look Natural

"Fake teeth" should never look fake! Dental implant dentist, Dr. Narkhede has been a pioneer in the area of tooth replacement and tooth implants since the 1980s. Using time-tested techniques and advanced tools, he crafts dental implants that fit your aesthetic goals and oral health needs!


These specialized dental prostheses are designed to look and feel just like your natural teeth. You can enjoy your favorite foods without risking pain or oral injury!

Easy To Care For

Whether you opt for a single tooth implant or full mouth dental implants, your care regimen will be exactly the same. Most patients only require simple brushing, flossing, and regular preventive cleanings to care for their new teeth!

Designed To Maintain Your Total Health

An ill-fitting dental prothesis can cause bone loss and irritation to your gums - and even increase your risk of periodontal disease and tooth decay. Dental implants provide a permanent solution that keeps dangerous oral health conditions at bay.

Made To Last A Lifetime

With proper maintenance, your dental implants can last you the rest of your life! No other tooth replacement solution can make that claim.

How Does The Dental Implants Process Work?

Dental implants are titanium posts implanted in your jaw that act as artificial “tooth roots." Once these tooth implants are implanted, they permanently anchor your new tooth, bridge, or denture.

During your FREE dental implants consultation, Dr. Narkhede will use the Valtech Green CT 2 to complete an ultra-precise virtual implant placement. By using this dental technology, Dr. Narkhede creates a 3D printed surgical guide that maps out your unique anatomy. This specialized process promotes the perfect placement of the implants so that yours stay secure for longer!

Once the dental implant is healed and ready to be topped, our dental implant dentist will then cement a permanent dental crown with a custom shade. At Pankaj Narkhede, DDS, we use same-day CEREC dental crowns. Using this technology, Dr. Narkhede can fabricate your crown in just one visit - no temporary crown or two-week waiting period required!

The Best Dental Implants For Your Smile

At Pankaj Narkhede, DDS we offer several types of dental implants to our patients suffering from tooth loss:

Single Dental Implant

A single dental implant is best if you have lost just one of your natural teeth due to injury or decay. During the dental implant surgery, the gap in your smile will be repaired with a single titanium dental implant and ultra-durable dental crown.

With a single dental implant, you have the power to smile with confidence and enjoy your favorite foods yet again!

Image showing the parts that make up dental implants and how they fit into the jaw.

Implant-Retained Dentures (Denture Implants)

With implant-retained dentures, otherwise known as 'denture implants', Dr. Narkhede can install your dental prosthesis in just one appointment, with minimal healing time required. If you are looking for an alternative option to your slipping dentures, denture implants could be a good fit for you!

All-on-4® Dental Implants

With All-on-4 implants, you can enjoy a brand new smile in just one day! All-on-4, often referred to as “Same-Day Teeth,” is a treatment that rehabilitates your smile by placing four implants designed to support a permanent, fixed denture. During the All-on-4 dental implants process, your dental implants are stabilized together with a prosthesis.

This gold standard in dental implants surgery gives you your best, healthiest smile in hours flat!

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Dr. Narkhede teaching implant dentistry in India. He was the one who introduced & made implant dentistry popular amongst dentists & the public in the area.

At Pankaj Narkhede, DDS, we know that financial considerations are an important part of surgical planning processes. Just like with any dental surgery or treatment, there are numerous factors that can influence the price of dental implants. Following your FREE consultation with Dr. Narkhede, our team will provide you a fair and accurate dental implants cost estimate and treatment timeline. Considerations include:

  • The quality, amount, and location of bone. If you require bone grafting, the total costs associated with your implants will be higher.
  • The number of teeth that need to be replaced and the type of dental implant that will be used.
  • Dental insurance. Some insurances cover only parts of implant treatment, or have a waiting period for eligibility.

If you’re concerned about the cost of dental implants, call our Lake Forest dental practice to schedule your consultation. Whether you’re on a budget, have a fixed income, or aren’t sure if your dental insurance covers dental implants, we are here to make the process manageable. We also offer special 0% financing plans though third-party lender, CareCredit® that can be used alone or in conjunction with your own dental insurance.

Schedule Your Dental Implant Consultation With Pankaj Narkhede, DDS Today!

If you have questions about the dental implants process, tooth pain, or any other services Pankaj Narkhede, DDS offers, give our Lake Forest office a call.

Dr. Narkhede is happy to provide you with your FREE dental implants consultation!

Just finished an implant, I normally dread dentists but Dr Narkhede was pleasant m, fun and super professional. You can tell he loves what he does, you'll see it as he works, driving for perfection. Something you would hope for when it's your smile on the line. Totally go here! Staff is great!

— Jeff M.

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