Air Powder Cleanings

Air Powder Teeth Cleanings In Lake Forest, CA

Woman shows off her smile after getting an air powder teeth cleaning at Pankaj Narkhede DDS in Lake Forest CA.At Pankaj Narkhede, DDS, Inc., we want our patients to look forward to their visits. That’s why Dr. Narkede decided to offer the air powder cleaning system, so you can expect to be comfortable during your regularly scheduled cleanings, all while receiving effective and advanced preventive care.

Dental Cleanings without Scraping and Discomfort

Typical dental cleanings rely on the use of metal tools to uncomfortably scrape plaque off the teeth. In contrast, air powder cleaning uses an advanced machine to clean and polish the teeth. It sprays a mixture of water, air and fine powder particles over your teeth, gently scouring them and removing stains and bacteria buildup.

For those who suffer from sensitive teeth, air powder cleaning is ideal. The powder particles can fill the small canals in the dentin, reducing sensitivity. There is no vibration, no heat, and no direct contact - guaranteeing you a more pleasant patient experience.

Air Powder Technique and Treatment Preparation

The air powder machine also allows Dr. Narkhede to better treat our patients with periodontal disease, efficiently and gently blasting away deeply embedded problematic bacteria. Dr. Narkhede even uses it before most cosmetic procedures to clean the preparation area.

Look Forward to Your Cleanings!

Forget the outdated “tooth-scraping” dental cleaning appointment that you dreaded in the past. At Pankaj Narkhede, DDS, Inc., your dental cleanings can be a pleasant experience with air powder cleaning and polishing. Dr. Narkhede believes in investing in leading technology in order to provide the best possible care to our patients!

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