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woman holding her mouth from tooth pain, needing an emergency dentist in Lake Forest, CATooth pain can be excruciating and can interfere with every other aspect of your life. Sleeping, working, or concentrating on everyday tasks can seem impossible when dental problems are causing you constant pain. Lake Forest dentist Dr. Narkhede can often provide you with same-day or next-day emergency dentist appointment times to help you protect your oral health and get out of pain fast!

If you need an emergency dentist appointment in Lake Forest, call Dr. Narkhede today!


Knocked-Out & Broken Teeth

Did one of your teeth break? Or, have you suffered a knocked-out tooth? Many patients don't realize it, but knocked-out and broken teeth could cause dangerous infections, so emergency care is necessary. Do your best to preserve the tooth post-accident, and give us a call right away for further instructions!

Broken Dental Restorations

Dr. Narkhede only crafts restorations from the most durable and safe dental materials. Even so, most dental restorations, like fillings, crowns, and dentures do have expiration dates. If one of your restorations has suffered a crack, fracture, or break, contact us right away to ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy.

Dental Abscess

Painful, unsightly dental abscesses can appear when there is an infection present just below the gum line. Once at our office, Dr. Narkhede will inspect the area and likely take x-rays to get a more thorough picture of the affected tooth. From there, he will determine if the abscess can be treated with medication, an emergency root canal, or even an emergency tooth extraction.

General Tooth Pain

Dr. Narkhede providing same-day emergency dental treatment for a patientMany people experience tooth sensitivity from time-to-time, but if you have been experiencing uncomfortable or even excruciating tooth pain for longer than a day, it's time to get the urgent dental care you need.

During your appointment, emergency dentist, Dr. Narkhede will examine your teeth and gums and take a series of images, if necessary. From there, he will develop a treatment plan based on your needs!

Have You Experienced a Dental Trauma? Don't Wait!

The first few moments after an accident involving your mouth are vital in determining if your recovery will go smoothly. Acute dental trauma is common and is often caused by motor vehicle accidents, falls, sports injuries, or physical altercations.

If you have experienced an oral accident resulting in a tooth being knocked loose, a filling being damaged or a tooth being fractured, call Dr. Narkhede immediately to schedule an emergency appointment.

My mom actually recommended me to see Pankaj Narkhede, DDS MDS after she had several good experiences coming to his office. He was able to see me within a few days, at my preferred time, after calling to schedule an appointment. This short wait was nice and is especially helpful if you are experiencing pain or have something you would want to have looked at right away. His office is also equipped with new and high tech gadgets that my previous dentist did not have. He can take and examine X-rays with no wait time, he has a special camera to take photos of different parts of your mouth with, and a TV to distract/entertain during teeth cleaning. In addition to that, he was just such a nice and personable dentist. He made the visit very enjoyable and I would highly recommend visiting him!

— Ana A.

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