Dental Bonding In Lake Forest, CA

man smiling after receiving dental bonding services in Lake Forest, CA Even the healthiest smiles may contain minor imperfections, but fortunately, there is a painless and cost-effective solution to fix them with dental bonding. Dental bonding is considered one of the easiest and least invasive ways to cosmetically improve your smile, concealing imperfections in the teeth. An added benefit, Dr. Narkhede can usually apply composite bonding in a single appointment!

Why Dental Bonding?

Bonding is the application of a tooth-colored material to imperfections in the smile, using dental adhesives and a special curing light.

Dental bonding can also be used to close gaps between teeth, to make teeth look longer, or to alter the shape of a tooth. Dr. Narkhede often uses composite tooth bonding treatments as an alternative to amalgam fillings, or to protect a tooth’s root that has been exposed due to gum recession.

Close-up of a woman's smile after dental bonding servicesChoose Dental Bonding for Your Smile!

This gentle treatment typically takes little to no preparation - most patients don't even need an anesthetic! We will work with you to determine the best shade of bonding to showcase your best smile.

Most patients with minor cosmetic issues are ideal candidates for dental bonding. You will likely be a great candidate if one or more of your teeth have the following issues:

  • Chips
  • Discolorations and stains
  • Crooked or rotated positions
  • Not the right length
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Dental bridge facings that are worn or broken

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Dental Bonding Success Stories

Dr. Narkhede gives an actor his smile back. It was an excellent, affordable, single sitting quick fix that would last a long time. Dr. Narkhede is not only a cosmetic dentist but also an artist who knew exactly how to repair his smile! It was a great sense of job satisfaction after seeing the results. Dr. Narkhede not only made the tooth look amazing, but he always uses high-quality products for all dental procedures to create the best results for our patients. 🦷🤩

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